Mission Statement

Industrial and manufacturing plants worldwide have mission critical assets which are connected via a network. The critical infrastructure of the nation is at risk due to new cyber security threats to industries such as energy and water. It also involves other industries such as mining, cement, paper, steel, and chemical industries that supply the nation with raw materials. It further represents a global concern since industry relies on the supply of raw materials from all over the world.  In the past, our business has centered on procurement, design, and installation of computer based distributed process control systems, which were largely proprietary in nature. In the last few years, with the introduction of open system environments, there is a need to extend the enterprise and connect to the plant process control systems over a network. This has raised the risk at the plant floor by potentially replacing the traditionally isolated control systems and instrumentation are now more vulnerable to attack. These actions that bring process information to the desktop also increase the level of exposure to threats either malicious, un-intentional, or otherwise. It has also elevated concern with regard to the introduction of code, which has not been adequately tested and/or independently evaluated. The mission of the company shall be aligned to protect computing systems from direct or indirect cyber threats and recommend the necessary actions to safeguard these assets.

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