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Founding member of the Process Control Security Requirements Forum (PCSRF) to develop use of Common Criteria constructs for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) 

Sponsored by the Manufacturing Systems Division (MSD) at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD 

Provided comment and input for NIST 800-53 ICS and 800-82 which form the fundamental basis of ISA99 Part 4 for security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) 

First member of ISA99 and then ISA100 with input to ISA100.11a including ISA100.15,

Provided input ISA100.16 Factory Automation, and Trusted Wireless Working Group (TWWG) sponsored by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)/DOE 

Sensor Standard Harmonization Working Group (SSHWG) sponsored by Intelligent Systems Division (ISD) at NIST 

NIST PAP02 Wireless Characteristics for the Smart Grid 

IEEE P2030 TF3 SG2 Use Cases for Interoperability of the Smart Grid

Submitted input to TF3 SG1 Architecture for the Smart Grid. 

IEEE P1451.1d Chairman for Smart Transducers use of Extensible Markup and Presence Protocol (XMPP) for Large Scale Sensor Networks sponsored by ISD at NIST. 

ISO/IEC JTC1 INCITS SN1 US mirror group for Large Scale Sensor Networks.

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