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PDX.NET to offer IEEE 802.11n adaptive radio technology with IEEE 802.11af capabilities for wireless local area networking in the TV White Space (TVWS) spectrum in the 470 MHz to 720 MHz UHF bands.  The standard was approved in February 2014 and the equipment use was approved by the FCC in December 2014.  Cognitive Radio technology is used to transmit on unused TV channels with the standard taking measures to limit interference and to provide minimum latency of 10 ms.  The systems has 200 channels available with 6-8 Mhz bandwidth per channel and data rates up to 35 Mbps..

IPDX.NET recommends use of Cognitive (Intelligent) Radios that can minimize cost and providing Carrier Grade performance.   No licensing is required and the technology is useful under full mobility for voice , video, or data services.    (Coming April 2015)

Welcome to MaCT USA

We invite you to learn about our company and how we can help you reach your goals.  The brightest minds and people with years of experience to bring you the latest advances in technology with proven results.

MaCT has developed numerous process control systems for power, pulp and paper, chemical, and cement industry.  Experience includes fuzzy logic control, . neural networks, sensor networks, digital control system integration, cyber-security, Internet of Things, and data compression for constrained memory and networks devices as well as Big Data applications.

MaCT offer systems integration and resale of following products:                       Wave Relay Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) from Persistent Systems, LLC   Clayster/KTC Control (Sweden) Internet of Things (IoT).   

MaCT can offer you advanced technologies based upon industry standards for private industry, government, and for the military

MaCT has offices in the USA provides engineering solutions and services to government agencies, military, and private industry.

Formed in 1992, MaCT, and has worked with federal government, military, and private industry to develop, adopt and implement advanced technology according to industry standards.











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Wave Relay - Mobile Mesh security, scalability, and mobility!

Industrial, First Response, Smart Cities, to name a few...


IPDX.NET Check-out how to share your sensor data with first responders and have full control over who has access to your data.   Share your data privately or publically with the cross domain capaiblity based upon the latest        Semantic Web 3.0 technology for hte Internet of Things (IoT).